Real Estate Loans


South Carolina National Guard FCU offers a wide variety of loans to serve the individual needs of our members.Please contact a loan officer for specific questions so that we may help you determine which loan would benefit you most.

Home Equity Loans:

The Home Equity Loan allows members to borrow against their home’s accumulated equity. The Home Equity Loan has a low interest rate that is subject to change semi-annually.

·No loan-advance fees

·No annual fees

·Member can take advances for as little as $500.00

·Maximum loan term up to 15 years; draw period of 5 years*

·Residential collateral must be located within South Carolina

Members can establish a credit line for a maximum of 85% of their home’s value (up to $50,000) less any existing first mortgage balance.

Unimproved Property Loans:

An unimproved property loan applies to land without buildings or improvements as well as land in its natural state.

·Fixed interest rate*

·Maximum loan term up to 12 years*

·Maximum loan amount will be 75% of the appraised value

Mortgage Loans:

This Credit Union has teamed up with Midlands Mortgage Corporation to offer our members a wide range of mortgages.

Applying for a mortgage loan can be an intimidating process, but it is our goal to make it as easy and convenient as possible. 

Contact your loan officer today for more information.

*Loan rate and terms based on credit worthiness